03 July 2011

the rhubarb daisy

Actually, this post should be called "How to fully experience your rhubarb". I decided to go ahead and make that rhubarb syrup. It turns out it is by far the most aesthetically pleasing of the syrups -- such a pretty shade of red, like fruit punch, but more appetizing. :) It also turns out that it is the only syrup that doesn't make any waste. The rest of them were like tea, you just simmered everything then threw away the solids. Not this one! The leftovers are delicious in plain yogurt, and I'd love to try them over ice cream or toast too. Actually my husband and I went to Hell's Kitchen for brunch today and the special was a cornmeal waffle with strawberry and rhubarb topping -- pretty much the same idea! And man was it ever tasty. We decided we're going to make a pancake version since we probably gave away our waffle iron. We're pancake people, what can I say? This cocktail also comes along with the instructions for the syrup, so check it out! One stop shopping! I've also decided to try photo-documenting the procedure as well as the end product. I know it's handy and fun (pictures! pictures!), but I don't know how people cook food with the camera strapped to them. I would get so much crap caked onto the lens, gross. We'll see if I try it again sometime. Enjoy!

Here's the standard shot of your ingredients and equipment.
Oh right! And gin! You'll need that too. Sorry, I'm such a noob.
Dump 2 oz. of gin into your shaker over ice.
Cut a small lemon in half and juice it.
Check out my $3.99 Target special juicer! I love it!
Glorious rhubarb syrup + cat photobomb!
Beauty shot! Measure rhubarb syrup in a jigger.  I love that word! 
Add rhubarb syrup and lemon juice to the shaker, shake it all up, then strain into a glass over fresh ice.
So close!!!!
Top it off with some club soda and enjoy some adult pink lemonade! Thank goodness for summertime.
Oh yeah, and like I said, you'll love the leftover rhubarb jam (compote sounds like a much better, sassier, foodie term for it, but I am reluctant to be such a person). Proof:

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