28 June 2011

simple syrups

You know what's delicious? Colorado Bulldogs. I got seriously hooked on making them several weeks ago. I decided that having a drink with alcohol and half-n-half on weeknights was probably too decadent. Solution? Tasty handcrafted beverages/cocktails/mocktails. Basically if you can commit to buying fruit, soda water, and fresh herbs you can make some pretty refreshing stuff. Now that the farmer's market is stocked with giant bunches of herbs for $1, I've been taking advantage of that to turn them into simple syrups.

Here's the inspirational drinks and/or syrup recipes:
  • Simple Syrup: A one-to-one combination of water and sugar heated up on the stove until the sugar has dissolved. This is handy for sweetening iced tea and coffee. Or for mojitos!
  • The Israeli Summer, or modern middle-eastern lemonade: Minty syrup, fresh lemon juice, and soda water. Proud to say this got me to commit to buying my first bag of lemons! This is totally key right after a hot sweaty run in the summer. Or really, anytime, what am I talking about?!
  • A Tribute to Woody, or homemade ginger ale! You can't go wrong. No, I haven't tried it with ice cream... yet. This will happen.
  • Lavender Syrup, because it used my rose water and the rest of my dried lavender and it made my apartment smell like perfume!
  • I also plan to scheme up orange, rhubarb, basil, and sage syrups. Now I just need more glass bottles!
Also, if you're into baking your own cakes, these syrups can help you make really fancy flavors of frosting. The More You Know!

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