27 July 2011

lemon-scented quinoa salad

Here's the other cold salad I said I'd tell you about. I really liked making the dressing for it -- so fresh! I also decided to add carrot coins for an extra crunch. I think next time I'd consider a bell pepper too. For some reason the red onion was crazy strong, but the next day it mellowed and was perfect. Oh yeah, and I added feta cheese too, because I'm really good at ruining the vegan quality of vegan recipes. :)

In other news, I went totally overboard at the farmer's market today. I work on a university campus, and someone was super cool and suggested a Wednesday midday farmer's market. Easiest produce shopping ever, right? Just a quick stroll over the lunch hour and I've got everything from purple potatoes to bok choy. This week I finally got myself together and assembled a bunch of basil pesto as soon as I got home. A big bunch is only $1! Too bad last time I let it go bad. I hate it when I get so excited about making something, then get distracted by a shiny thing or something, and completely forget about it. I need to find a better way to make lists that I will actually use I suppose. And not buy zucchini when I meant cucumber. Does anyone else do that??

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