03 August 2011

chocolate mint brownies

I would very much like to bake things. Classic, right? I want what I can't have. At least I don't want to make soup, because that would make me certifiably hard to please. At least I know I'm not alone -- my husband commented about how he can't wait for fall or winter so that we can bake lots and lots of bread. :) So here's a recipe that involves brownies and peppermint patties, which is a fine combination. I have been holding out on you... I baked these last time it was reasonable to run the oven for a while... you know, early June? We then hoarded them in the freezer (I mean, I didn't even tell you guys about them!) and didn't share them much at all. A quick 20 second zap in the microwave, and you've got ooey-gooey brownies and the oven isn't even on. 

It is true though... the ten day forecast here in Minnesota is looking mighty fine, and the lowered humidity is making me feel much more like a human and way less like a slug. Maybe I'll just have to stay up late tonight and bake some biscuits and drink a gin & tonic, because I can!

What?? I see your disapproving brows. I am out of breakfast food as a matter of fact -- I've got to make something then I suppose, eh?

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