04 September 2011

marbled nutella banana bread

Well this just makes sense: why make an entire Nutella and banana sandwich when you can have all those things at once? Perfection.  Many thanks to my buddy who posted this recipe. You know who you are, and I'd love to hear some more awesome recipes that require Nutella anytime!

This was pretty fun to put together really. I think it would be really fun to make with kids -- you can let them do the swirling part! I don't think I did a very good job. I was a hesitant swirler. But it's not like it came out poorly or anything. So if you like the way mine turned out, don't swirl it up much.

Enough about swirling! This is the last time I type the word swirl in this post! Ahem. So. I did in fact go to the Great Minnesota Get-Together on my 27th birthday, and I sure did try that sweet corn ice cream. It was marvelous! The texture was perfect and custardy, but there were little crunchy roasted corn nuts (or something) every once in a while and that made it even more interesting. I really liked that it was mainly a smooth ice cream. I will try to recreate it one of these days before fresh corn season goes bye-bye, but it will be hard to top!

I was also a total girl and got the Northwoods salad on a stick. I had to fulfill all the state fair food groups (fried, dairy, sugar, on-a-stick) somehow! It was basically a caprese salad on kebabs served over a wild rice and orzo salad. Not bad though!

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