29 April 2011

skillet cookies

I have a new blog crush. I recently stumbled upon 101 Cookbooks, or the blog of Heidi Swanson. I've been following it for about a week and I'm already just about to fork over the cash and get her brand-spanking-new cookbook from Amazon. Her specialty is natural, generally veggie-friendly cooking. I follow a lot of lovely blogs, but most are baking-oriented, or I have to just toss in some veggie broth instead of chicken broth, or add tofu cubes and hope it does an okay job of approximating something tasty. This blog actually is easy for me to cook from, and as a vegetarian, I am positively thankful for that. That being said, she does a little baking here and there.

So un/fortunately, here's my introduction to her fantastic cooking -- skillet cookies! Hey, at least it's whole wheat flour, right??  Have you ever want to bake cookies, but aren't too keen on some of the details, like rolling little uniform balls of dough? Well then just grease up a cast-iron skillet and press the dough into it, and you will make people smile with your giant cookie.

Oh yeah, and as I post this, I am eating the last (sad!) of my leftover Coconut Red Lentil Soup. Guess where I got the recipe.... sorry folks, no photos of it this time. Hey, dinner was ready to be served the other night at 9:30, I was hungry, and I'd just read an article confirming the glow of crappy overhead lightbulbs does in fact yield disappointing photos, so I ate my soup. 


  1. Oh great -- I was totally starving and craving junk food when I thought "I'll go on a healthy food website to get excited about some healthy dinners. Maybe that girl I met at the wedding has a healthy but yummy idea!" And then for some reason this was the first post I was linked to! YUMMMMM. Nice blog!

  2. Thanks, glad you like it! Yeah, a giant cookie... not the healthiest thing. But whole wheat flour! It's practically a vegetable now, right? :)