28 April 2011

orange cornmeal pancakes

Valuable lesson: Do not attempt to bake, cook, or otherwise make a recipe that has no associated picture. 

Case and point: I found this reasonable-sounding recipe to use a picture-perfect red pepper and purple cabbage. And, of course, cheese. Come on! Cheese makes everything great, right?? Note that the recipe only shows you a delightful still life of the main ingredients.

Truth: There's no picture of said gratin anywhere on the New York Times because in real life, once finished, it totally looks like roadkill:
Because I care, I made this photo small. I do not suggest you click on it to enlarge it.
Sorry, I had to do that. It was a valuable lesson. Food, in most cases, has to look good. Ugh.

Moving on. Pancakes. For Easter Sunday, my husband and I did our usual pancakes, but used Easter as a general landmark for the coming of spring, so we busted out the citrus-zesty pancakes. Check these out, way more delicious in appearance I promise (large picture! Yay!):
The recipe can be found here, and the only change I made was to add 1/4 c. corn starch to the batter. This was a good call, trust me.

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