08 May 2011

iced coffee

The full title of this post is actually "super-tasty iced coffee (that does not suck)". You know, iced coffee from a cafe is so very disappointing -- hot coffee cooled/watered down with ice is a rip-off. As it turns out, steeping coffee cold (kind of like making sun tea) makes the coffee's flavor super smooth. Delightful.

This recipe (oh come on, this totally does not count! Brewing procedure maybe?) is fun in that it flavors the coffee. And of course, everyone likes their coffee a bit differently, so definitely tweak this as necessary. I only used two tablespoons of brown sugar (oh my gosh, brilliant in coffee! I'm never using white sugar ever again.), and I may pare that down more next time. Also I'm going to swap cardamom for cinnamon, and reduce it to 1/2 teaspoon for my next batch. Cardamom is what makes Jordanian coffee so special and delicious, trust me, it is the best. Also, if you want the taste of the iced coffee but warmed up (I respect that. I like that I drink hot coffee much more slowly than the iced variety. It's so sad that it's over so quickly!), go for a one-to-one ratio of brewed iced coffee to water and heat it up in the microwave.

And if you're in the market for a hot coffee maker, I have to plug the Chemex -- not only is it pretty and nerdy on a subtle level, it makes the best drip coffee you'll ever have! Seriously, every morning I pretty much high-five myself because I'm getting delicious coffee, and it didn't cost me $2.


(Also, happy Mom's day everyone!)


  1. a) I need to try this

    b) I saw this recipe and thought of you:

  2. a) You sure do! Be sure to report back.

    b) That is pure magic. Yep, you've just secured yourself some homemade cupcakes come your next birthday! Well, if I can wait that long...